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Full Version: Alex got a mark on his face. ON NOES!!
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[Image: pullip99999999.jpg]
^SEE!!!!!!! I don't even know how it happened!!! I haven't tried a magic eraser yet because we don't have any atm, but I'm hoping it will come off with that...
urgh... -dies-

Anyway I felt bad about it so I took him outside for a little while.

[Image: pullip99.jpg]

[Image: pullip9999.jpg]

[Image: pullip999.jpg]
^that kinda looks like he's a zombie, but he's not a zombie, he's just playin' in the hole my dog dug in my backyard. >>

[Image: pullip9999999.jpg]
^ I got him a new belt. Isn't it awesomeness?

[Image: pullip999999.jpg]
Man I love these boots...

[Image: pullip9.jpg]
Alex says bye and he hopes that the mark comes off his face...

THanks for viewing and comments are <3!

I love his outfit! He is totally cute.
It's a shame about that mark though. :/ I hope it comes off, but either way, he is still an awesome doll. smile
ohhh no I hope it comes off, he looks very upset!
i dunno, i like it somehow ^^; it looks like a scar or a birthmark.
Anyways , its up to your boy , good luck in removing the mark yay
Alex is cute. The mark gives him a uniqueness; it adds to his character. smile I guess though, if it bothers you, then best of luck in removing it. And if it doesn't come's really not so bad at all.
It looks like Magic Eraser will take it off just fine. He's a very handsome guy!
Ahaha, I also think it looks like a scar/birthmark. It's kinda cute - Harry Potter-ish cute.
But Magic Eraser should take it off. :3
what a cute and handsome boy!! This outfit is so nice!! I think this mark makes him special and cute ;D
O noooo!! I hope it comes off! Poor lad. I do love his outfit, the belt is ace, where did you get it?


Um...Maybe I'm stupid...But I can't see it!
Well, also, my comp has a whole bunch of marks on it...soo...yeh.
He is definitely an adorable boy. And I'm going to echo everyone else by saying I think the mark suits him. But, if it bothers you, I think Magic Eraser will definitely get that off. He has such cute boots, too!
Wow, I love the shot of his boots! The detail is stunning smile x
high grit sandpaper will take that mark right off smile
He is soooooo lovely. Absolutely gorgeous! I like his "Scar" =)

My Dal Frara has a mark on her face but I just edit it out on photos so maybe you could do that if it won't come off?

But I like it ^____^