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Full Version: San Francisco Pullip Meet
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Vanie, RacerGT and I got together today for a "Mad Tea Party" themed meet today in San Francisco. It was such a blast!Happy

[Image: 4981566340_649d84095c_z.jpg]
Back row (l to r): Isabella (RacerGT), Gia (RacerGT), Maddox (RacerGT), Alice (RacerGT), Emma Jo (Mine), Trixie (Mine), Vienna (Mine), Wolfgang (Mine)
Front Row (l to r): Nicki (RacerGT), Another Alice (RacerGT), Micah (RacerGT), Layla (RacerGT), Hermine (vanie), Tina (vanie), Mercu (vanie) and Malice (Mine)

[Image: 4981568718_e6f198ecae_z.jpg]
RacerGT's faux Leprotto custom, Layla

[Image: 4981573336_00cd165dab_z.jpg]
Vanie's sweet little Hermine getting the evil eye from my two Dals, Trixie and Emma Jo.

[Image: 4980969529_d6551e1e44_z.jpg]
The tea party was a huge success!

[Image: 4981578926_e381213856_z.jpg]
RacerGT's Gia having a "King Kong" moment with a weird sculpture in the park.

Tons and tons more photos are on my flickr! Thanks again vanie and RacerGT, it was soooo much fun!

OMG I love that they had a tea party in the park all together LOL
It was great seeing you all! Totally had fun and loved seeing all the photo opportunities! I've also added some of my pictures to my flickr as well!

[Image: 4981321255_359331debc.jpg]

[Image: 4981306707_047e1f51c2.jpg]

[Image: 4981315057_8c8770f9ba.jpg]
What a cute tea party! I especially love the last picture lol!
[Image: P9110074.jpg?t=1284410131]
View from the top: Lots of tea and treats!
[Image: P9110059.jpg?t=1284410195]
Dms_a_Jem's Emma Jo and Alice enjoying their tea...
[Image: P9110055.jpg?t=1284410281]
Vanie's Tina wanted to join in on the fun!
[Image: P9110029.jpg?t=1284410404]
Dms_a_Jem's Vienna and Wolfgang - a happy couple
[Image: P9110028.jpg?t=1284410468]
Vanie's Mercu and Dms_a_Jem's Malice - too cute!
[Image: P9110104.jpg?t=1284410557]
Gia escaping the grasp of a large metal thing....
[Image: P9110113.jpg?t=1284410639]
Vanie's Tina reminding us where Japan is on the Globe.
Had a wonderful time and so did my (non-dolly buddy) - View from the Tea Party - Yerba Buena Gardens and the SF Museum of Modern Art Building on the upper left hand corner view.
[Image: P9110086.jpg?t=1284410808]
"When I come home to you, San Francisco, your golden sun will shine for me...." (Tony Bennett's famous vintage tune)
Looks like everyone who went had a fun time! It seems there are lots of dolly meets, just not here in Hawaii. It's times like these that I wish I lived on the continent... smile
Dearest KiraKira: It is us who would love to bring the Pullip Meets to Hawaii!!!! That would be awesome - I have got to see if there is a way to do a DM "conference" then, everyone can have it written off on their taxes... the dolly wheels are really turning now ^_~
Wow. Looks like an awesome dolly meet. I love the tea party set up. smile