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Full Version: Little Pullip
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I was looking through the pictionary thread and realized we didnt have anything for Little pullip and Little dal - i thought it was time we made one XD

Mini Froggy
[Image: 102_1620.jpg]

Mini Cheshire
[Image: 102_1619.jpg]

Mini Paja
[Image: 102_1618.jpg]

Mini Rudolph
[Image: 102_1617.jpg]

Mini Aggonya
[Image: 102_1616.jpg]

Mini Moon
[Image: 102_1613.jpg]

Mini Leprotto
[Image: 102_1612.jpg]

Mini Calfy
[Image: 102_1611.jpg]

Mini Panda
[Image: 102_1610.jpg]

Mini Dusk
[Image: 103_3978.jpg]

Mini Ivy
[Image: 102_1621.jpg]

Mini Violette
[Image: 102_1741.jpg]

[Image: 5208306427_ef0e7d2521.jpg][Image: 5208306553_2b4027f12e.jpg]
Misery (Bohso)
[Image: 4862086690_00d7e73a03.jpg]
Claudette (Little Principessa)
[Image: 4909793447_86c7a01dd6.jpg]
Zala (Miss Green)
[Image: 4910394372_9e84c95161.jpg]
Custom Nelliel by Requiemart
[Image: 4928458926_5e02fc371d.jpg]
Croc (Aggonya)
[Image: 4927864565_745062920f.jpg]
Jolly Roger(Rovam)
[Image: 4996922617_a52e17c792.jpg]
Sleepy (Rilleto)
[Image: 4491368325_e99b813d9c.jpg]
Lisa (Libra)
[Image: 4567001968_5640f6a3d3.jpg]
[Image: 4997527659_1e09c71325.jpg]
[Image: 4476016083_17002c7ac4.jpg]
[Image: 4213629368_1bb1803237.jpg]
[Image: 3688532094_8b125b9e29.jpg]
[Image: 3074662921_92e4358575.jpg]
url=][Image: 3105554944_7682853650.jpg][/url]
Little Pullip+ Craziia

[Image: 4983276003_928b16ef97.jpg]

[Image: 4983872096_3e3c59d85c.jpg]

Mini Tiger
[Image: DSCI0076.jpg]

Mini Mouse
[Image: 100_4182.jpg]

Mini Donkey
[Image: DSCI0235.jpg]

Mini Raccoon
[Image: DSCI0234.jpg]

[Image: DSCI0077.jpg]
Ali, say hi!!

[Image: 101207-Ali%20playa.jpg]

[Image: 110106.-Ali%20y%20Chi.jpg]

[Image: 101205-Sabrina%20y%20Ali.jpg]
Mini Berry - shes actually going to go live with a friend of mine
[Image: DSCI0874.jpg]

Mini Dusk - theres a possibility shes going to get a new face
[Image: DSCI0790.jpg]

Mini Lion - still need to replace the fur on her costume
[Image: DSCI0791.jpg]
Anyabelle (Little R)
[Image: Anyabellemail.jpg]
[Image: Anyabellemail2.jpg]

Momo (Blue Alice)
[Image: Momomail.jpg]
[Image: Momomail2.jpg]
Maxine (Dormouse)
[Image: Maxinemail2.jpg]
[Image: Maxinemail.jpg]
Old style mini Pullip Froggy
[Image: 7467278898_87e47a8efa_z.jpg]

[Image: 7467278144_4142838dd7_z.jpg]
[Image: 049-2.jpg]

[Image: 082-1.jpg]

My mini girls Koi and Heart. Little Dal Pricess Tulip and Docolla Mukku. Obitsued and with lovely new outfits made by SweetRoseHaven on Etsy.
Kenshin (Himura Kenshin)
[Image: Kenshinmail.jpg]
[Image: Kenshinmailface.jpg]
Mini Seine & Docolla Mini Grell
[Image: 13987963328_315ba6ff66_o.jpg]

Docolla Mini Mukku
[Image: 14536572508_dd3b612923_o.jpg] [Image: 14536705697_5cba96ec36_o.jpg]