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Full Version: Candy or Chocolate? Please Help Me Choose.
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I've tried different looks on Elise (Tiphona) and these two are the ones I like best.

However, I can't decide which one to keep --- her cotton candy hair + lilac eyes, or her chocolate brown + green eyes.

What do you think?

[Image: 5083335455_8570bffe61_z.jpg]

[Image: 5078213243_1d17a4c0ab_z.jpg]

I like the brown hair and green eyes the best
I think she looks sweet with the cotton candy hair and lilac eyes. Though I think the brown hair and green eyes suits her more, it's definately my favourite out of the two anyway.
Chocolate! She's gorgeous either way but the chocolate and her eyes are simply fantastic!
Candy! I love pullips with pink wigs and I think she looks sooo beautiful with the flowers in her hair.
Definely I like the second option. grin
I agree that she looks beautiful either way, but my vote is for chocolate!
Candy! But only so you can give me those BEAUTIFUL green eye chips Tongue
i like the first version better, the second is just so normal..

maybe you should buy a second tiphona?
My favorite is the candy version, she looks so pretty with that hair and eyes!
I like the brown hair, she looks so lovely!
I think the brown hair looks better than the pink... :3 It's much more intense.
she is GORGEOUS with the brown hair & green eyes!! (those are not her originals, correct? i am in love with the color!)
Brown hair with the PURPLE eyes!!
definitely chocolate - brown & intense green - beautiful !

(I should say though that I am not impartial, I do NOT like pink ..LOL)
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