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Full Version: What should I do with my little Aíne (Hina Ichigo)?
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Hi everybody!!!

I don´t know, what should I do with this little girl?
I tryed to fix her stock wig, it didn´t work, I know I have a spare stock wig for her, but I tryed this wig. I liked, but I showed her to my bf and he said; did you put her a witch wig?
So I am a little bit down. I need your opinion, please, should I put her stock wig or do you like her like with this one? Thanks

This is her wig her new wig:

I don´t know

And with her stock one:
Please help!!
i like the mohair wig - dont listen to your bf - if you like her this way then keep her
You just need to style her new wig a bit more and she'll look very cute in it.
i really love the mohair wig!
Don't listen to your BF, men don't know about these things wink lol. I like her in the fur wig personally.
Thanks girls!!

Lilcurly: you are right men don´t know about these things ( I´d said he was in bad mood cause his team draw!)
Try pulling a few short tendrils of her wig down over her forehead. That will break up her forehead a bit.
Well, as a man I have to say that I think she is cute in the mohair wig. It suits her rather well. :3
I think your choice is clear. grin