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Full Version: Ready for halloween
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Here a pic of Melissa Seraphy who is ready for halloween.
Well she is kinda always ready for halloween Sweatdrop

[Image: 5085877921_6ff5d40b15_b.jpg]

Hope you like her yay
She is from Sheryl Designs, right?
(10-17-2010, 05:12 AM)Soshi Wrote: [ -> ]She is from Sheryl Designs, right?

Yes Sheryl made her for me^^ Why?
Wow, I LOVE HER FACE. She is such a doll! ;D
Gorgous, I love sheryl's custom works. Those eyes are fantastic!
I agree- the eyes are absolutely stunning.
such a great custom grin !!! ♥
Ohhhhh very lovely

Art of Whimsy

Yes I do liker her! XD I especially like her glowy eyes and cheeky smile.
Thank you much everyone^^ I love sheryl's work really much^^
And loved the figure of melissa alot so when sheryl mailed me if I wanted melissa I said yes ofcourseXD because I ordered chua I wanted melissa too^^
oh she is lovely!
Ohhh stunning Heart 2
So beautiful~!
I'm in love!!!!!!!!!! she is sooooooooo pretty!!!