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Full Version: some lovey dovey pics for your enjoyment
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This is my favorite couple
Penelope and Rayne being lovey dovey today...Whacked

[Image: 17524036_98216b3d1287532750.jpg]
Going for a drive.

[Image: 17524037_f1be740c1287532835.jpg]
Getting ready to see a movie.

[Image: 17524039_a1c4f0281287533243.jpg]
Cozy on the bed.

[Image: 17524040_3fd461ed1287533309.jpg]
a nice little kiss..Tongue

The next couple of kids...Rei and Riku

[Image: 17524100_17f5beab1287550117.jpg]
I love your lips Riku even with the little scar...

[Image: 17524101_0cf6a3da1287550212.jpg]
This new obitsu body really improves my range of motion sweetie.

[Image: 17524103_fcc603711287550347.jpg]
I love the camera and the camera loves me...Riku's inside thoughts
Awww what a sweet couple!
So cute!! And I love the car grin
(10-20-2010, 02:25 PM)okapishomapi Wrote: [ -> ]So cute!! And I love the car grin

Its an old barbie car from the early 90s.

Aww, I love the last picture. :3
(10-20-2010, 02:45 PM)Staria Wrote: [ -> ]Aww, I love the last picture. :3

about to put some more of my 2nd couple. Te-he...
updated photos of my second couple...more to come soon of my third...
They're both gorgeous! The second couple go together so well!
Aww so cute smile

Art of Whimsy

Sweet couples! ^^