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Full Version: Lunatic peoples?
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Hey was looking at evilbay and noticed a bunch of the chinese/singapore online stores listing the Lunatics as AVAILABLE and was wondering when everyone was expecting their Lunatic boys and girls? grin I cant wait to see user pics! I want them so bad.. ^^
I saw a few on Flickr~ Lunatic Queen's faceup is really gorgeous, but I'm not a fan of her eyechips. D:
My Lunatic White Rabbit from PS is on his way to me as we speak grin
I already have my Lunatic Queen. Magma Heritage has the Lunatic line in stock since the other day, methinks.

Her first photo. I love love love her (but her eye chips will need to be replaced).

[Image: 5104632194_f9fd45d996_z.jpg]
The Queen is so lovely smile I love everything about her, even the eye chipsLOL
My Alices and Humpty (I'm splitting her) arrived yesterday. Alice is gorgeous. No time to take photos yet.
Omg, I love Lunatic Queen <3 She is gorgeous!
AHHHHHH im so excited for u guys! Hopefully after I get some more income I can get mine by november! Though I wonder why some ppl arent fans of lunatic queens chips? I love love them!! I cant wait to see more pictures

prettypullip your queen is lovely!
Alices are the arrived? *makes adorable face at True*
I really like her chips too, they're one of the main reasons I want her.
Yep! Hope to be taking photos of Alice today (although it's pouring rain where I live). The stock from our split should be on the way to you early next week, vertefae.
oh the queen is SO beautiful - I adore her eyes !

I will probably get Alice, after I see True's pics that will decide me wink
Probably more than you want to see of Alice and Humpty Dumpty follows!

Here is Lunatic Alice. Her hair is basically Milch's only blue. Bits of it from her bangs keep drifting onto her face and spoiling my photos!
[Image: lunaticalicesm1.jpg]

She has adorable shoes, a little too big, but it's okay.
[Image: lunaticalicesm3.jpg]

[Image: lunaticalicesm4.jpg]

With all her stock:
[Image: lunaticalicesm5.jpg]

[Image: lunaticalicesm6.jpg]

Strange little corset-like waist under her apron:
[Image: lunaticalicesm7.jpg]

White panties (yay!) and a tulle underskirt:
[Image: lunaticalicesm8.jpg]

I love her eye makeup!
[Image: lunaticalicesm2.jpg]

Humpty Dumpty Byul is a strangle little dude. (And in case you are wondering, I split her with birdie - I am keeping the stock only.) Her hair is very coarse.
[Image: humptybyulsm1.jpg]

Her boots are like Lipoca's.
[Image: humptybyulsm3.jpg]

The most adorable stock item is her purse with Humpty Dumpty on it!
[Image: humptybyulsm4.jpg]

[Image: humptybyulsm5.jpg]

Some of the embellishments on her outfit:
[Image: humptybyulsm6.jpg]

Interesting pants under her bloomers. They were turning my fingers black as I tried to get them off her.
[Image: humptybyulsm7.jpg]

She is stuffed! To make her more egg-like?
[Image: humptybyulsm8.jpg]

And she was encased in tape and plastic (it was on her arms too).
[Image: humptybyulsm9.jpg]

Alice is unsure:
[Image: humptylunalicesm1.jpg]

"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall." (I couldn't resist.)
[Image: humptylunalicesm2.jpg]

[Image: humptylunalicesm3.jpg]
Ahhhhhhhhh i love humpty dumptys face! Her makeup is so Koooool >_<
Thank, Noxx, Lilcurly and Elsie. smile Lunatic queen's eyechips look cheap(ish) to me in real life, that's why I'm itching to get rid of them.

Thanks, True Fan, for the photos. I suddenly want Alice. I saw her in the shop when I picked up my queen but I was in a hurry so I didn't have time to look close at her.
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