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Full Version: Not-So-Lunatic Queen
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Crobidoll wig
Coolcat eyechips
Alice-White Rabbit hybrid dress. yay

[Image: 5110359417_a82ff9d6da_z.jpg]

[Image: 5119701419_70a564fab9_z.jpg]

[Image: 5120057693_ab6b855cd3_z.jpg]

Thanks for viewing. smile

Wow she looks so different!! Really gorgeous!
I like the custom more then the official version of the doll.yay She looks so cute!!
What are you gonna do with the official stuff though? Sell them or keep so she can be changed back?
Awww she looks lovely like that!
She looks really sweet! What are you going to do with the wig? XD
Liz, she's really cute! smile Is that her stock wig?
You always manage to make your dolls mooore beautiful, I love all of your works! wink
wow - i am so going to get one now ^^
Awesome!! I love what you've done to her ^^ ♥ she's much prettier now
CrazyKimochi, thank you so much. smile

Geisha, aaaww... Thank you. smile I plan to keep the stock wig + outfit for my future themed photo sessions with my dolls.

Greybird, thanks a lot. smile

Kitten Squid, thank you. I'm keeping the wig. yay

Jhenny, thanks dear. smile The wig is from Crobidoll.

MissMandy, thanks. She's a must-have. smile

CherryBlossomGirl, thank you. yay
Wow she looks so different! I love her eyechips!


wow!! she so sweet!!
Woah. She looks almost like another doll! So pretty!
Wow, I love what you've done with her!
Oh wow! She looks so different! I like them both!
Wooooooooo!!! So pretty with the wig!!!! ^___^
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