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Full Version: Cecille <3
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[Image: SDC12802_SC.png]

I finally deboxed my darling Shan-ria, who I've decided to rename Cecille, and oh my goodness she is definitely mommy's little princess.
She's already spoiled rotten and she decided to model some of her new wardrobe to prove it.
So far her personality is very sweet if a little vain and diva-ish.
I just adore her.

[Image: SDC12821_SC.png]
[Image: SDC12827_SC.png]
[Image: SDC12809.png]
[Image: SDC12846_SC.png]
[Image: SDC12837_SC.png]
congratulations! i'm glad you love her - she is very pretty. smile
Pretty girl! I like how she is dressed up !
Some cute outfits Cecile's got there smile and Shanria is very fitting for those styles.
She┬┤s gorgeous, so adorable. ;D
That blue Alice outfit is just perfect for her complexion. Gorgeous!
She's so pretty and looks great in those outfits.
Awwww she's so cute *-* And i love her Outfits <3
I love Shan-ria <3 The colours you put her in are perfect, so pretty!
Thanks guys! Heart

I'm very OCD so I try to make things as color-coordinated as possible. lol.
Love the first photo!!!! *__*
Her dresses are gorgeous!