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Full Version: Cereza (Pullip Lunatic Queen)
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My pullip Lunatic Queen, she is sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!


[Image: p1060647.jpg]

[Image: p1060648.jpg]

[Image: p1060650l.jpg]

[Image: p1060653.jpg]

[Image: p1060652k.jpg]

[Image: p1060654g.jpg]

[Image: p1060655d.jpg]

[Image: p1060658.jpg]
nice background...but why is she a lonely queen? Guess you meant lunatic?
Do you mean Lunatic queen?

She is gorgeous, I wanna get her one day <3
Ops!!! sorry!!! Lunatic Queen, jejeje!!!! >.<
she is gorgeous, congratulations smile
She's gorgeous!
Ooh that's the first time I see LQ's golden eye-lids. Pretty!
really pretty face up !
Oooh, lovely, I want one so much!
Thank's!!!!! ^___^
She's so pretty! That wig and those eyelashes! Ah! I can't wait for mine to get here!

& I absolutely love that black and white background you used! It suits her perfectly!
Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!
I hope your lunatic queen come soon.