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Full Version: Ugh! Please help! Which wig for Zoey???
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I can't choose! Which do you think looks best? And what personality does each make her look like she has to you?

[Image: Zoeywigchoice.jpg]

[Image: Zoeywigchoice2.jpg]
I like the first one, she looks really sweet there. smile
I agree, I like the first one! It makes her seem like a perky and enthusiastic girl to me lol
I like the first one too, it makes her look all pretty & sweet & delicate smile

The brown one makes her look more girl next door ish, & not quite so pretty. also it looks kind of greenish, but that's probably just how it looks on screen.
I also like the first wig better, it really brings out the warmth in her eyes! It definitely makes her seem more special than the other wig!
Definitely the first wig! I like that tone of blonde--it goes well with her coloring and makes her face-up pop!

The other wig is nice...but not in the same way as the wig she has on in the first photo!
I like the first one too, she looks sweet, adorable and very pretty. ;D
Also voting on the first one! It's a gorgeous wig, and it really suits her. It makes her seem like a scene/skater kid, but with a sweet nature and a heart of gold. x3

The other wig's pretty too - it makes her seem like an earthy sort of type who likes gardening and... hiking, but I think the first one suits the t-shirt, jeans and sneakers combo better. And it just looks so soft. *-*
i like the first one too. i'd add a thick headband. it makes her look... fun! Tongue
I vote for the first one. It gives her more of an outgoing personality, but she still looks sweet.
The second one seems a little plain compared to the first one, and seems to give her a more quiet personality.
I prefer the first wig
I'm gonna go with everyone else and say the first wig for sure! It seems to be both a nicer color, and higher quality wig than the second one. :3