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Full Version: Ophelia's make-over
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Hello, everyone! So my Blanche, Ophelia, has a new look. Here she is!:

[Image: DSCF0756.jpg]
Ophelia: Why hello there. It's so nice to see everyone! ^.^
that is a gorgeous outfit smile Ophelia looks very beautiful, even although I would not have thought of red for Blanche's colouring. It suits her perfectly, just goes to show I'm a dummy grin
Very cute!!!

I love the 50s look she has going on!!
I want that outfit for my dolls! It's adorable! smile
she looks so cute! i love her cardigan, did u knit it?
She looks very cute and still elegant! I also love her name, by the way. LOL
(01-26-2011, 06:05 PM)Lilcurly Wrote: [ -> ]she looks so cute! i love her cardigan, did u knit it?

Good catch smile True, that cardigan is stellar!

Ophelia: *blushes* Thank you all so very much!

Thanks everyone!
@Lilcurly: Unfortunately, no. I am not skilled with anything involving cloth lol. I bought the whole outfit on Etsy from a seller named Pantherathecat.


veryyyy cute