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Full Version: Versallies (Chill) & Liv (Prunella) + pic in comment!
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[Image: img2325resize.jpg]

My newest girl...I'm so in love with her! A couple of months ago I didn't even like Chills, but now she's my favourite :3

[Image: img2346resize.jpg]

Such pretty girls!
They're very pretty! I like your Chill a lot as well, and Versallies is an awesome name. Happy
Gorgeous! I love all Liv's bracelets, they're really pretty <3
They are both absolutely stunning Heart 2

I'd never expected Pru to look so good with red hair and Versailles is such an amazing name for a doll LOL
They're both gorgeous! Chill is one of my favorite dolls but I have to say Liv is my favorite here. That wig looks so good on her!
They are stunning girls Heart Chill & Pru are 2 of my favourites and I especially love the red wig on Liv -- I didn't think red would suit her so well either.
Thanks a lot girls ♥♥♥!!!

I'm so glad you liked them, specially Liv since I wasn't too sure either that a red fur wig would fit nicely a Prunella! Even until I took this pictures I was doubting about buying another red one on CanCAn or keeping her this way!

Chill's name is one of my favs as well >.< I love dolls with cities and bands names :3
Love your girls! grin
I particullary love your chill ^^
Both stunning, and great pictures smile
(02-17-2011, 12:13 PM)RemDeRosier Wrote: [ -> ]Love your girls! grin

thanks a lot ♥♥!!

Quote:Posted by Black Sugar - 02-18-2011 08:46 AM
I particullary love your chill ^^

*0* It makes me really happy that you like her, since she's my fav as well!!!

Quote:Posted by NoDivision - Today 03:56 PM
Both stunning, and great pictures

thank you ♥♥♥!!

Double post, with another photo of Versallies ♥ Happy

[Image: img2296resize.jpg]
Gorgeous girls. Love the bracelets!
(02-24-2011, 07:01 AM)N0xx7 Wrote: [ -> ]Gorgeous girls. Love the bracelets!

Thanks Happy they came with the Oren I got from Yukittie ♥ they are lovely!
Gorgeous girls... I love Pru, she looks really good with the red hair.
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