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Full Version: A Day At The Beach
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Well, I would have done a story, but guess what, dolls don't like to stand in the sand. So you'll have to just settle for pics. Momiji and Sakura got to go with me and my family to Florida to the beach today. The weather was perfect and the ocean was simply gorgeous. It couldn't have been a more wonderful day.

[Image: MomijiSakurabeach.jpg]
[Image: MomijiSakurabeach2.jpg]
[Image: MomijiSakurabeach3.jpg]
[Image: MomijiSakurabeach4.jpg]
[Image: MomijiSakurabeach5.jpg]
[Image: MomijiSakurabeach6.jpg]
[Image: MomijiSakurabeach7.jpg]
[Image: MomijiSakurabeach8.jpg]
[Image: MomijiSakurabeach9.jpg]
[Image: MomijiSakurabeach10.jpg]
[Image: MomijiSakurabeach11.jpg]
[Image: MomijiSakurabeach12.jpg]
Love the pics!!! So cute!!!
Squeee super cute pictures!
i know exactly what you mean - dolls love the sand but they dont seem to want to stand in it - seems they'd rather be making sand-angels ^^
They're so cute!!! Wonderful job!
Wow! That beach looks amazinggggg!!! <33

& such cute piccies, awwww!

The one with Momiji supporting Sakura as she looks over the wooden thing was sweet but all the ones with their backs towards the camera just enjoying the beach were absolutely darling.
I like the ones of them sitting on the beach looking out at the water! too cute!
Very nice pictures. Sakura looks adorable in that pink wig.
Beautiful! What part of Florida were you at?
North. We went to Navarre Beach for the day.
So cute and huggable!!!! ♥ x3
(02-16-2011, 12:23 AM)kaoskat Wrote: [ -> ]North. We went to Navarre Beach for the day.

It looks like it's very beautiful there! Heart 2
Love these pics!!! So cute! So summer!
they both look so cute together <3
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