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Full Version: Queenpegasus Feedback
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Hiya This is my feedback thread
I look forward to doing transactions with you guys =]
I use paypal =3

Feedback on DM:
+1 as a buyer!

Purchased a few pairs of eyechips from me -- She paid quickly and was a pleasure to deal with smile
+1 s a buyer. Bought a whole bunch of rement from me, was polite throughout. :3 Nice to do business with!
+1 buyer (again). XD Always polite and easy to deal with, reasonable and all that good stuff - always a pleasure. :3
+1 for buyer ^^ Very patient and easy to work with. Thanks!
+1 for a nice buyer. She bought Aya stocks from me. Payment fast and good communication.
+1 buyer. she bought a red kimono from me, and was simply lovey to sell to.

+1 as a seller.
Bought a dress. It was in good condition & came at a decent speed.
Thanks so much!
+1 as a buyer, fast payment and good communication. x
+1 as a buyer! Great transaction! Purchased a wig, it was very smooth. Thank you!
+1 for a great sale

did a split with me for the Draculara and Clawd set - also bought a few things from me off LJ - as aslways a pleasant transaction ^^
+1 as a buyer!
very pleasant to deal with, great communication throughout the transaction; would recommend! thanks again!! smile
+1 as a buyer!

Really sweet and prompt payment <3
+1 as a buyer. Bought custom miko outfit for Pullip.
+1 as a buyer, great comms, lovely to speak to, hope to deal with again x
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