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Full Version: Atlanta GA
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I was wondering if there were fellow dollie lovers in/around Atlanta.
I don't live in Atlanta but am quite willing to travel to make new friends.

Hope this post gets many replies :3
I'm in the area, although I'm about an hour north of the city itself. smile
I'm about 45 minutes west of the city. I'd be up for a meet. smile
Captain Fantastic & Vertefae: It's be great! I've been dying to meet fellow dollie lovers!
Agreed. Maybe we could have a tea brunch or something of the sort.
*raises hand* In Gwinett County.
Sorry I've been absent for so long.
Am back now & more than ever eager to meet up!
(05-12-2011, 06:04 AM)Bloodstained Wrote: [ -> ]*raises hand* In Gwinett County.
I moved to Gwinnett County on Friday 16th Dec!
I live south of Atlanta, near Macon. smile
We should get something together. smile Maybe at the botanical gardens? Or DC. I feel like we could get some cute pictures with the flowers.