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Full Version: Custom pullip price check;;
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A good friend of mine has recently quit her dolly hobby and decided to give me one of her neglected girls. I didn't really make a connection with her like I did my Dal, so I decided to give her a nice new face up. One thing led to another, and she's now completely different! She was a lightly customized Pullip Chill before her make over. I gave her new eye chips, wig, and of course a new face-up. I just want her to find a nice home where she'll get the attention she needs. She would arrive nude but not bald. The mohair wig is included. She is in good condition, though lightly used. Any ideas on how I should price her? I've put a lot of time into her face-up, so what would be a fair asking price? I will post more detailed pictures of her condition soon.

[Image: 2vxkb6b.jpg]
[Image: 18kvg1.jpg]
[Image: 2s0k4yx.jpg]

Here are some bald pictures.

[Image: DSC02040-1.jpg]
[Image: DSC02037.jpg]
[Image: DSC02040.jpg]