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Full Version: Çho¢o's Doll Family ! ≧▽≦
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LoL not really, but if you're interested in just their stock you could post a split request and see if any one would be interested in just the doll ^u^

So have you narrowed down which Dal you'd get next? Hehe Dal Joujou is from the same collaboration as Byul Sucre grin
I think I will consider doing splits because I LOVE byul stock outfit .. they are amazing ^^ ..
I have lots of Dals on my wish list and I have Joujou on it but I think I should go for older released dolls in case they go out of stock before I can grap them .

My wishlist includes : Frara, , Angelic pretty, Clair, Chibi Risa, Dotori, Kanta, Joujou, Darony.

If I can I will go for the cheapest and oldest ones and I usually will get 2 or 3 dolls to save on shipping. I am considering Frara, Angelic pretty Maretti, and Dotori First .. All or 2 of them at least.

All of them look amazing and have great personalities!!!
Thank you Little Spark smile
Hi Choco,
I've seen you in LJ. smile It's nice to see your lovely dolls here too. yay
They are all so gorgeous. I love Lolli's sweet outfit. smile
Hey Amethyst smile .. I don't recall your name sorry ^^;; .. but thanks for your visit . Me and my dolls welcome you anytime

KiraKira : Thanks for your sweet comment. I agree with you, Lollita outfits are the best wink
My lj username is solitaryaya. Though not sure if you remember me. ^^;;
Amethyst, hehe it would be a problem if I forgot you since you just contacted me days ago. Welcome to DM ^^ and I hope you enjoy it here
What a beautiful doll family! They are all so fashionable as well :3
Thanks Lost&Found smile .. I am happy to hear you see them fashionable
I try my best when it comes to my doll's clothes ..
More dolls were added to my Family smile

- Jasmine (Kirsche)
- Bianca & Anica (Lunatic Queen Twins)

+ more to come ^^
You have a wonderful family! They are all beautiful and have great style smile
I ADORE your family. They're all so lovely ♥
Candy and Peach are just too cute > u <
They are all so beautiful!
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