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Full Version: Depressed Sakura
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Sayuri had to leave and go home last night because her mommy is moving away. Sakura was sad about her friend leaving so she went off to think for a while....

[Image: Sakurasad.jpg]
[Image: Sakurasad2.jpg]
[Image: Sakurasad3.jpg]
[Image: Sakurasad4.jpg]
[Image: Sakurasad5.jpg]
[Image: Sakurasad6.jpg]
Oh I am sorry! Cheer up pretty girly! <3
Aww, she looks so sad... poor girl. sad
awww, bless her!
poor thing sad she looks so sad!
I hope you will figure something out to cheer her up!
She's so lovely..!
Awwww Sakura is super adorable sad ...
Aww! She looks so sad. She is so pretty.
Gorgeous! Maybe console her with new clothes?