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Full Version: My updated dolly family
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Hannahnoface reminded me that I was in need of a new family photo~ xD

[Image: 5881535363_e138e725bb_o.jpg]
Doll Family by ❥Crazy Kimochi, on Flickr

Back Row (L to R): Zephii (Emory in lap), Nikki, Catalina, Kimmie, Titan
Front Row (L to R): Remedie, Rayne, Sara, Raquelle
haha the little floating head made me giggle x
(06-29-2011, 05:31 AM)Cherryfox Wrote: [ -> ]haha the little floating head made me giggle x
Haha, she is quite gorgeous when she's not a floatee~

[Image: 5763049721_ac12ae4845_o.jpg]
Emory by ❥Crazy Kimochi, on Flickr
Very elegant and nice looking doll family you have here smile Raquelle is very cute!
You've downsized a lot! I love your gorgeous BJDs--is Emory going to get a body of her own? She's so pretty!
Your dolly family is gorgeous <3
Thanks so much everyone!!

@KiraKira: Yusss, I'm currently saving up for another body! I hope to order it in the next month or so! grin