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Full Version: Peony the Pixi
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My Peony is FINALLY done. After much headaches with her face up and stripped screw holes. She still needs an Obitsu, but I call her done until then. :-) I got her in HORRIBLE condition. I had to carve her lips since they were almost sanded off. But it gives her a mischievous smile, she is just plotting where to hide all my things.

[Image: 252431_10150609731710316_791500315_18459...3774_n.jpg]

[Image: 252431_10150609731705316_791500315_18459...9580_n.jpg]
Just enough sun, and just enough shade!

If you don't remember, coz my original post got burried since I took so long you can see how she looked when I got her here, as well as another face-up I tired:
Wow she's SO pretty! Great job!
I agree, great job!
She's gorgeous--you really did a fantastic job. It is hard to believe that is the same doll!
Peony is very beautiful now and much happier smile ..
I would never think she can be this lovely. I looked on the link you posted at the end, and I totally loved the first eye make up you gave her, so pretty as well .. I wonder if her eye make up now looks much different ?
She looks soooo much better! I whimpered a little when you first posted pictures of her, poor girl. I love the pink scheme you've gone for too, so pretty <3
She's looking very happy with her look smile I think she is truly enchanting~!
Thank you everyone! I was a little worried when I got her, but she came out great. I am glad you all like her. :-)
Def a great transformation x
Oh wow, she is a beauty!!! You did an amazing job on her, what a lucky doll that she came to you Heart 2
She looks great! You did a lovely job carving the lips. smile