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Full Version: My grail...Principessa ♥
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I just can't explain how amazed an happy I am with this girl.... ♥ I've longed for her so much, and now she is here <33!!

[Image: 284704_149827848428935_100002051639584_3...9854_n.jpg]

[Image: 281314_151817491563304_100002051639584_3...3217_n.jpg]
Congratulations! She's gorgeous! And her wig compliments her face up so well ^^
Congrats! I love gothic-styled girls! smile
Possibly the loveliest Principessa I've seen, I'm not usually that keen on her but yours is gorgeous!
Congrats on her!!! She looks amazing with that wig!!!
Princis are always so stunning. Congratulations on getting your grail smile.
Congrats she is stunning!
Congrats on her! I know I longed for Princi till mine arrived, there's just something so dark and mysterious about them no? Yours rocks the fab wig too ^^
I agree with everyone else, she is lovely, & the wig really suits her. I've not seen her in a black wig before.
She is really beautiful, huge congrats! She is my grail also. smile
She looks amazing with that wig! Congrats!
Wow ! I don't blame you ! She is very beautiful smile
She's absolutely gorgeous! Happy There's just something about Principessa, she has so much character, haha! And that wig looks amazing on her *_* You're so lucky, and congrats on obtaining your grail! :3
Thank you so much everyone for your kind words <33 I'm so happy you like her!!! ♥♥♥
She looks fab, where did you get that blue black mix wig? I've been after one to make a wonder woman costume for one of my girls for ages! x
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