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Full Version: My latest custom!
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This was made for a friend on another forum. Her name is Lagoona and her fish is Neptuna. They are based on Monster High dolls.

[Image: LagoonaNeptunasmall.jpg]
[Image: Lagoona2small.jpg]
[Image: Lagoona3small.jpg]
[Image: Lagoona4small.jpg]
[Image: Lagoona5small.jpg]
[Image: Lagoona6small.jpg]
[Image: Lagoona7small.jpg]
[Image: Lagoona8small.jpg]
[Image: Lagoona9small.jpg]
[Image: Lagoona10small.jpg]
[Image: Lagoonasmall.jpg]
[Image: Neptunasmall.jpg]
[Image: Neptuna2small.jpg]
[Image: Neptuna3small.jpg]
She is pretty! I like her little fish friend.
She's great grin Lagoona is my fave! Her accessories are perfect XD
You did an amazing job on her! She looks great. Love her hair color too, it's so pretty.
Wow the detail on her is amazing!
I looooooove the outfit!