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Full Version: Journal: 1: When the Bus Didn't Come
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[Image: 6006189878_a07b21978d_z.jpg]

The sun was sinking low in the horizon matching my sinking hope. It was 8:00 and the bus still hadn’t come. I had no idea what I was going to do, it wouldn’t be wise to stay by the road all night. Sigh. I knew it was a foolish idea to buy that bus ticket from that shady looking fellow but it was all I could afford! So there I was no money and no idea where I was. I hadn’t seen anyone on that road all day. One girl on an ATV had gone by around 7:00. She gave me a funny look and when on. I wish I would have been brave enough to ask her for some help, but I’m not. A little past 8 she was heading back the way she came. She look over at me again and after she had gone past me she slowed and look back over her shoulder.
“Do you need a place to stay?” She asked coming to a halt. I nodded and she motioned to the ATV. I quickly grabbed my bag and guitar and jumped on. She took me to her home and while she put the AVT away, with a little laugh said, “Wait till the other hear who I’ve brought home now!” Humm…I wonder who my rescuers are?
Cute!! grin
Stunning pictures and very interesting story. You are one talented photographer!
Oh. My. Goodness. That blonde girl is so adorable! I love her facial blushing.
Thank you!
Your pics are always very impressive Heart 2