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Full Version: *Almost* a dollhouse
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I don't have enough room to store my books and mangas [they are piling up, I am putting them in boxes, on the floor...!] and yet I removed books from two shelves and the shelf itself wink

Awhile ago I found a guy who knows a guy who can make me Pullip-sized furniture smile He made 3 chairs, round table, bookcase, desk and big wardrobe.
I'm not a big fan of those plastic ones [yet I have one chair] so I was thirlled. My boyfriend helped me paying half of the price.

>>Couch and armchair are jewelery boxes.
>>Two unpainted closets and the one on the right, near desk, are from "decoupage store"

I made a ladder myself - in the beginng I wanted two-level room but there was not enough space. When "custom made" share or furniture came I thought I was lucky I was able to put there all pieces o.O
Now ladder has no use but I made it and painted it so... why not...

Books are made by me smileCups etc are re-ment, I found food in something you could call "one $ store" smile I made several little boxes and drawers for desk.

And lamps I found in home-deco store. Same goes with alarm clock.

And one doll is blurred since it's not finished yet [no eyes, no real body [fixed with tape type 4], not doll's wig] wink

[If you want to see book I made so far PLZ CLICK HERE]

I'm sorry for pictures, even with all the lamps and bright sun outside it's too dark Irritated Irritated

[Image: img_4255.jpg]
Since I am "wasting" my money on doll matters I wasn't able to expose other things wink
On the top - I have Apple Doll.
Below- I have nedroids [L, Sebastian, Ciel]; 1/6 Ezio [Assasin's Creed] and Erwin Konig [german spy]. And 1/4 scale bicycle wink

[Image: img_4281.jpg]
[Image: img_4283.jpg]
[Image: img_4286.jpg]
[Image: img_4296.jpg]
[Image: img_4288.jpg]
[Image: img_4289.jpg]
[Image: img_4291.jpg]
[Image: img_4292.jpg]
[Image: img_4294.jpg]
[Image: img_4295.jpg]
[Image: img_4297.jpg]

Hope you enjoyed smile
Ooh who is the pixelated girl? :o
(08-04-2011, 02:51 PM)SavannahFaerie Wrote: [ -> ]Ooh who is the pixelated girl? :o

Full custom wink But I don't want spoil it!
(08-04-2011, 03:24 PM)wampirencja Wrote: [ -> ]
(08-04-2011, 02:51 PM)SavannahFaerie Wrote: [ -> ]Ooh who is the pixelated girl? :o

Full custom wink But I don't want spoil it!

ok wink
Looks good x
That's fantastic! I love how you had to move all of your own books, yet your dolls get a beautiful, fully-stocked bookshelf of their own!
am I blind? I dont see a pixelated girl?

but I really like your dollhouse...I hope to have a better place for my dollies soon too...
@dark violet on the left of the pic sitting on the floor by herself, I missed her myself till i looked hard x
Your dollhouse is so awesome! I am greatly inspired by your work! smile
Wow, it looks great! I especially love the little bookshelf-- it looks so realistic. I also love the lamps! I'll have to look around and pick some up for myself smile
Thanks for nice comments smile I wish for making separate rooms for doll but I cannot aford huge bookshelf atm T__T

And about blurry doll- I removed one picture whee this doll was visible because it was hiding shelves anyway so I re-took picture without it.
So many little details, I love it!
Very wonderful setup. I love the books you made, makes the space look lived in.
I really need to make a nice space for some of my girls and gals, maybe I should sacrifice a book shelf as well lol

Great stuff!!!!!
I love your shelf and how you prepared it to make it so comfortable for your dolls =)
It looks wonderful !