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Full Version: Dream State
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I've been having trouble bonding with Evie's [Blanche] look so I decided to try something totally different. I absolutely love her now with Eos's wig [thanks BabyBlue033] and I decided to do a little photo shoot with her. Comments are much appreciated and so are critiques! :<3:

[Image: IMG_0879-1-1.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0884-1-1.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0885-1-1.jpg]
She looks so gorgeous in white! Eos's stock wig is really pretty, isn't it? I love it on Blanche! smile
She looks very sweet this way! My favorite shot is the middle one.

I'd be interested to see more photos of her against a non-white background though, so she'd stand out more, and in natural light (It seems either the camera's flash was fired or else the room had fluorescent lights?)
Wow, what a difference Heart 2
She looks wonderful, Her stock wig is so terrible but her faceup is so pretty so a wig change does wonders for her.
i love blanches face, she looks great in that wig x
Thanks all!

@NectarineFire, no flash and no fluorescent lights, I just editted it to look brighter, almost like she is on a cloud smile. I'll probably do more photoshoots in the future without a white background, I just liked how her face-up stuck out against the white!
I love them!
Very nice!!! Her face pops against all that white!!