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Full Version: Sun Kissed
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[Image: 6015870350_0b1bb3b62e_z.jpg]

[Image: 6015870848_32227a7575_z.jpg]

[Image: 6015319615_8892a001c0_z.jpg]

Just some pretty photo's of my new girl Solaris! Just <3 her!
Oh she's lovely <3 I adore her face-up!
indeed her face is very lovely and I like the detail in her eye chips x
Oh she's cute, she's really something special! Is she your custom? My favorite pictures i the third picture smile
Oh my gosh, she's so cute! I love her eyes-- is the sun really there, or is it edited in?
Thank you all! No I didn't do her lovely faceup Estrial from here did, I bought her from her. And yellow_socks there really is a sun her eye's!

[Image: 6016325748_0e9c5a3e3f_z.jpg]
Congrats on owning such a beautiful doll! Solaris is just 100% amazing, I'm glad she went to a good home.
Thank you and she most defiantly 100% amazing!
She is amazing ^^. I love the eyes.
She is so pretty, those freckles r done perfectly.
I keep having to go back to this post ^^. Her eyes draw me in smile. How is it possible to get that sun symbol in there? I really have to learn how to change eye chips.
those look like two tone cool cat chips and all you would do is leave the sun out when you painted the back of the pupil x
She's very pretty! I like those eyes, too.
Thank you Cherryfox, that makes sense ^^. x
Thank you!
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