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Full Version: Sahara *Nahh-ato pullip customized by Myu*
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Well ..

I totally LOVE my Myu custom that I feel guilty since I obitsued and re-wigged 3 dolls together to do a photo shoot of them, ended to focus on Sahara alone. And when I felt guilty enough to think of taking photos of these 2 other girls, I also ended taking photos of Sahara alone !

I totally LOVE her .. not like any other doll , even more than my Clair *my Puki dal which I take everywhere* ..

Myu what did you do to me u____u ? I became a bad mother and I only pamper one of my 20 kids ! ..

This thread is dedicated to Myu
and to Sahara :3 .. my beautiful tanned girl ^^

* I should say, Sahara challenge me a lot being on a volk's J body .. she got a different type of bodies, that I hardly can find anything that fits her nicely*

Sahara's first shoots :

[Image: 5985777758_1ae8e60f06_z.jpg]

[Image: 5985778430_44e4ee95aa_z.jpg]

Second shoots :

[Image: 6027415638_76a0ce940c_b.jpg]

[Image: 6027416702_3b830e978a_b.jpg]

[Image: 6026863825_e563cdb71b_b.jpg]

[Image: 6027415958_394ef4d6a7_z.jpg]

[Image: 6026864535_c772a8bfd2_z.jpg]

wow! you take wonderful pictures <3 She looks gorgeous with both wigs ^^ I'm happy she's well loved .
She looks amazing! If I ever get a Nahh-Ato, I would definitely send her off to get her customized. I don't think her stock faceup lives up to her full potential-- that skin tone is gorgeous!
She is gorgeous! And she looks great in both wigs, although I like the white better, makes her face 'pop' more x
She's gorgeous, and I agree: the white wig really makes her stand out. I have a Barbie Fashionista body for my Nahh, the old type where you can't take off the head/chest piece (swappin' styles). It's a good colour match (the blonde girls, not the dark haired one), and I love being able to tilt her head and then it stays in that pose. No ankle flection, though, and limited sitting possibilities (like this pic, I don't think that's possible:
Myu grin .. thanks n____n .. I am so happy with her ^^ ..

yellow_socks: I agree with you, Nahh-ato don't look her best in her stock make up! I actually find it very wrong for her and I am totally lucky because Myu agreed to customize my girl, she gave me exactly what i wanted

Cherryfox: Thanks dear smile .. I don't bond will with fur wigs xP

Birdie: Thank you n_____n .. I hope you still like her in her new wig though you prefer the other one smile .. I saw someone on flickr who used those bodies but I dislike barbies + their bodies so that was not a chance for me! I am actually ok with my volks it is just tricky to pose x3 but at least, it gives some awesome poses !
I think it's because you can see more of her faceup in the white one, perhaps you could trim the fringe on the black one to expose more of her face x
Thanks Cherry for the suggestion, I will see what I'd like to do x3
(08-11-2011, 05:21 PM)yellow_socks Wrote: [ -> ]She looks amazing! If I ever get a Nahh-Ato, I would definitely send her off to get her customized. I don't think her stock faceup lives up to her full potential-- that skin tone is gorgeous!

I completely agree with this! Nahh-ato has such a beautiful skin tone but I'm not a huge fan of her face-up. For now I guess I'll have to admire yours, Sahara is gorgeous Heart 2
She is so beautiful, I also really love the white wig on her, but you must keep whichever you prefer smile I think trimming the fringe is a very good idea though.
She looks so beautiful, definitely makes me want to get a custom Nahh-ato
Gorgeous photos choco! And a truly stunning face-up too <3 So soft and yet striking at the same time!
Lost & Found <3: That was what I thought before I got my Sahara smile .. I hope you will get one customized Nahh-ato once, they are so precious !

Lilcurly: Thanks for your sweet suggestion dear n___n .. I personally love her in black, and i enjoy long fringes very much! >_< i think I will end up breaking few hearts sad

Wooperz: Thanks n_____n .. I am glad to hear so !

NectarineFire: Thank you ! n_____n Myu did her best with my headache causing demands .. I was going: "Natural myu .. no colors natural .. so light and natural .. but heavy lashes and smokey eyes .. no animish eyes please .. etc" .. I think I gave her headache few times explaining what I want grin .. but she is amazing, she listened to me and I end up having a gorgeous girl, exactly like i want and more ..
She's lovely! I prefer the white wig.
Cornflower Blue : Thank you! lots of people enjoy her in white, but I am afraid she will keep the black one smile
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