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Full Version: Some Gratuitous Photos of Marvel <3
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Just a few shots of my love~ Marvel!
She's a custom Pullip by Kristah/Doodlepony/Anne Gwish

She's hardcore.

[Image: 6036903474_6e216f8fdb.jpg]

[Image: 6036348291_02b150fa15.jpg]

[Image: 6036348885_0c5ab6a2ce.jpg]

[Image: 6036905230_fe13e29dce.jpg]

[Image: 6036905788_aa286cb65c.jpg]

[Image: 6036350489_4789c7429c.jpg]

[Image: 6036906946_0e466268fe.jpg]
She's awesome, I love all her piercings.
Love her, she's a total badass! ^^
Love the Jayne hat!
Thank you all so much!
@sceimhiuil~ The hat was made by PrincessChuchi. It's totally awesome!
She's awesome! She has a lot of piercings. Very cool. smile
she is awesome, congrats smile I need a Jayne hat and a Shiny button, does Princess Chuchi take requests and where did the button come from??

Marvel really is fantastic !

Thank you guys! Miss Edith~ I PMed you!