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Full Version: The last of my dolls--(Basara Isul, Tae & Pullip)
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I am announcing the end of my pullip & friends acquiring stage. Yay! I sadly have run out of space, and I think I'm at a good place where I don't really want a bigger doll collection.

After what seemed like an eternity, when really, it was only a couple of months, the Isul I pre-ordered finally arrived. I knew I had wanted to get an Isul eventually, but I had thought that the ones released thus far were a bit girly. So I decided on the Sengoku Basara Isul Mori Motonari. And yes, the stock outfit is every bit as ridiculous as it appears.
Isul Mori Motonari in his stock

However, he does have a cute face...and I really like the color of his wig and the eyes he comes with.
Isul Mori Motonari up close

Here's a shot of his clothes without some of the tacky green costume on.

And here's what he looks like in his everyday clothes. I do plan to trim his hair into a more boyish style (wish me luck!). All in all, I'm pretty happy with my first & only Isul. Meet Kazuhiro, or Kaz for short.
Better, but his hair still needs a trim

And a few days earlier, my Sengoku Basara Taeyang arrived. The only way I could be happier was if the stock wasn't so ridiculous.
One time in his stock...

He is a good-looking boy with dark brown eyes. His hair, though! In the promo pics, they must have used a ton of styling product.
Take a good look, because I'm not gonna stay like this forever.

And here he is, re-wigged & re-dressed. His name is Daisuke, but he prefers to be called Dice.

Finally got around to de-boxing the Pullip Date Masamune. She'll be known as Eri. Here she is in her ridiculous stock.
Date Masamune

She has a kind of an unstable look in her eyes. Like someone who has lost it. She's pretty...but in a kind of crazy way. She's totally different from all the girlie girls in my doll collection.
Closeup of Date Masamune

Eri seems to have a bit of a mean streak.

...that becomes even more obvious when she's consorting with Dice, her partner in crime.

Thanks for looking! grin
I like the Isul a lot. I adore his eyes!
I love that Isul, his eye colour is so rich & chocolatey! Good luck with his hair, I'd make a right mess if I tried that, lol. Your tae is rather a hansome lad, he's got that dangerous look about him.

Congrats on them both smile
Congrats on both your new boys!!!

I love that Taeyang!!! He really does look good outside of his stock clothes.
Thanks! The stock on these dolls are really ridiculous. The pullip at least has some usable pieces...

I've updated the original post with pictures of the Basara pullip...

Hey Kira thanks for these pics! Haha redressed I totally appreciate them now. They're so cool and the names you've chosen as well grin
(08-16-2011, 06:17 AM)KiraKira Wrote: [ -> ]She has a kind of an unstable look in her eyes. Like someone who has lost it. She's pretty...but in a kind of crazy way.
LOL, I love this!
Thanks for posting all these pictures! Woah! Her eyebrows are a bit different aren't they!?
They sure look much better without the tacky stock clothes ^^. You would have to be a big fan of the anime (assuming they are from a anime) to like those I suppose. I read somewhere that the pullip is crossdressing/supposed to be a guy smile.
Thanks! smile

I think that all the Basara characters the dolls are dressed up as are, the pullip, dal & byul...are cross-dressing, but that's nothing new, right?
Thanks for sharing. She does look like the most angry pullip they have made so far.