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Full Version: Dirty Little Secret
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Inspired by Postsecret, my girls wrote their own secrets down (not even sharing with one another!) and let me take photos of them for DM!
Sorry if some of them are a little hard to read Rb_x Let me know if they need writing underneath.
They invite anyone else who has something to share to join in too :]
[Image: CIMG7623.jpg]

[Image: CIMG7672.jpg]

[Image: CIMG7620.jpg]

[Image: CIMG7616.jpg]

[Image: CIMG7627.jpg]

[Image: CIMG7615.jpg]
what a sweet idea x
This is such a cute idea! I feel like it should be a sticky so everyone can post their dolls' secrets smile
Very interesting concept!
Very cute! smile
Oh these pics are so cute! I love love love the second one!
Cute idea! LOL
I LOVE the fourth photo! yay
I go here for news or discussion, but it is photos
Isn't there a photo board on this forum?
(08-18-2011, 10:17 PM)Parton Wrote: [ -> ]I go here for news or discussion, but it is photos
Isn't there a photo board on this forum?

Tbh I don't post here much so I get a little lost around all the boards DM has, usually just reading from the 'latest posts' feature, which I thought I usually found photos under the 'pullip and friends' title, but if someone would move the thread that would be good xD
EET: I see now that there are 2 subforums called Pullip and Friends and that appears to be where I went wrong ^^;

Thanks to everyone else for the kind comments too!
I love your pics!!! There very cute!!! Love the ideal.

I also think that Parton's comment was a bit snarky. Some people just can't say anything nice it seems.
I love your idea! Makes me want to do the same with my dolls!
Super cute pics!
These are really adorable! This is such a cute idea.
Lovely idea! Great pictures ^-^
Aww the second pic *___*
It's from Loveless, right???
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