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Full Version: Disney World!
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Photo’s from my family’s trip to Disney World!

[Image: 6074468115_f32e7051b9_z.jpg]
Meanwhile in Canada

[Image: 6081515324_cfb7b3c0fe_z.jpg]
Djaq in Canada at Epcot.

[Image: 6080978965_e707443394_z.jpg]
Djaq and my mother in China at Epcot.

[Image: 6081515070_b27b7ce72d_z.jpg]
Djaq in front of the Castle at the Magic Kingdom.

[Image: 6081514450_72d00b6663_z.jpg]
Djaq and I in the UK at Epcot.

[Image: 6080978067_2f9a7d94c8_z.jpg]
Djaq at Epcot! Djaq’s seat was provided by my most wonderful brother!

That's awesome that you took her with you!!! Lovely pictures!!!

You famliy looks like good sports about letting her sit on them!! Ha ha
^Yeah their really great about my dolls and thank you!
Very cute pictures! It looks like she had lots of fun at Disney World!
Lol, cute piccies, my girls have that T-shirt :p

What's Epcot?
Thank you! ^Epcot is one of the parks in Disney World.
Those are great shots. :-) I Heart Disney. Her Minnie shirt is cute, where did you find it?
Thank you! The shirt is a scrap booking shirt that a friend got off eBay.
That looks so fun. I have never been to Disney world..sad
*o* Ahhhh magic kingdom castle....soo shinyy

I've only been to Disney Land... Love your shots, s'pecially how she was riding on his head, very cute!