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Full Version: Meet Aylee and Wood =) (Snow Miku and Isul Mouri Motonari)
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My 2 new dolls arrived this week! I've been sick with a throat infection though... Blahhhh. So I only got to open them and enjoy them last night/this morning. Please excuse the crappy pics, I have no energy at all ^^"

[Image: 6082482666_e78fdf0a33_z.jpg]
Aylee by Aienhime, on Flickr
Aylee is my Snow Miku! I love her!! She's so cute! I love her hair and her soft expression.

[Image: 6081941757_8b8c2a9710_z.jpg]
Aylee by Aienhime, on Flickr
With her complete stock.

[Image: 6082480150_8e10a8fa10_z.jpg]
Aylee details by Aienhime, on Flickr
I love all the little details!

[Image: 6081940231_06687bb4e4_z.jpg]
Snowman! by Aienhime, on Flickr
And I adore this li'll guy! Totally cute!

[Image: 6082481968_1d1b52f072_z.jpg]
Miku comparison by Aienhime, on Flickr
Comparison with Yaminia's normal Miku. Snow Miku has a different colour eyebrows and eyes and her lips are paler. Other than that, they're pretty similar.

[Image: 6081939475_a20c7192d5_z.jpg]
Wood by Aienhime, on Flickr
And of course, my Mouri Motonari Isul, Wood! More pics of him when I have the energy to redress him into something less ridiculous (tho without the hat and sleeves his stock isn't all that bad, I guess).
Oww, 2 Miku girls, too cute!
Aww, the details on Snow Miku are adorable!
They are similar but different enough that I could never choose between them. Heart 2