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Full Version: Tiphona
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How much is she worth now that she's sold out?

Nrfb, mint, and nude?

On eBay I've seen them $240ish NRFB, but I haven't seen out of box or nude tiphonas since they sold out.
Moving this thread up to see if anyone has an idea on the price of this girl complete with box?
She's currently in stock at PullipStyle for $120 USD, so I'd say somewhere around there, maybe give or take $10?
She's currently in stock at PS for $120. So if she has been removed from her box but is still in excellent condition with complete stock, she will be worth approximately $90-100. If she goes out of stock again, then she will be worth more, obviously -- whatever the secondhand market is willing to pay for her.

ETA: Ha! Pixachii beat me to it by one minute. wink
Got it, thanks everyone.