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Full Version: Pics of Carmine and Sebby!
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I finally got around to taking pictures of the dolls I got for my birthday, here they are! I have decided to keep Sebastian as Sebastian, and name my Lunatic Queen Carmine.
Also: Do these show up at a normal size, or are they huge? Because I made sure to resize them to a normal size on photo bucket, but they keep showing up huge on my computer.

[Image: P1000063.jpg]
[Image: P1000062.jpg]
[Image: P1000061.jpg]
[Image: P1000060.jpg]
[Image: P1000046.jpg]
[Image: P1000043.jpg]
[Image: P1000041.jpg]
[Image: P1000036.jpg]
[Image: P1000034.jpg]
[Image: P1000032.jpg]
They look normal sized to me on my monitor, at least. Sebastian looks handsome, and Carmine is gorgeous. I like her black & white stripey outfit. smile
Pretty! grin
The photos are normal for me too. I love how you styled Carmine's hair grin
sometimes changes to images on photobucket take a little while to transfer though to places you've posted the images x
They look so nice together~
They look great together!
Thank you everyone! smile Okay, thanks for letting me know about PB, I've been wondering about that for a while.