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Full Version: Eos: Grounded
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My new lovely arrived just the other day, thank you ver2. smile However, I had to take away her wings, since she kept trying to escape - I don't think she quite trusts the other dolls just yet!

[Image: IMG_0374.jpg]
Attitude of an adventurer.

[Image: IMG_0371.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0370.jpg]
Whoops, you can kind of see her wig cap in these two!
[Image: IMG_0369.jpg]

All photos taken with my Canon (Eos) LOL
Congrats on your Eos ^^, she is a wonderful doll to have grin.
Thank you! Yes, she really is. ^^
She's absolutely gorgeous~!
She's lovely! She seems much happier with you than with me xD

I love Eos! Huge congrats on getting her Heart 2
Thanks everyone smile