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Full Version: Sakura Growing Up
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I was going through my doll pics tonight and noticed that each time Sakura's changed wigs she looks a bit older.

[Image: Sakuraforest-1.jpg]
[Image: Sakuranewwig-1.jpg]
[Image: Sakurasad-1.jpg]
[Image: MixedUp11-1.jpg]
She certainly does ^^. She looks really cool now.
That's very interesting, but after all, a wig does have a large impact on how a doll looks. :3
I love your Sakura!! She is so cute!! I love her new look!!
haha! so true!
omg, she does! How perfect smile I love her trousers in the last pic btw <3
Aww you are right but I love that she always has some pink on her Heart 2
Of course she does Sparky! Sakura will always have pink hair!