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Full Version: Grail doll alert!!! (guess who it is?)
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When I opened the door I couldn't believe how fast this awesome parcel arrived, it's one day after payment and the doll is here!!!
[Image: IMG_0828.jpg]

Carefully open it, we don't wanna hurt somebody...
[Image: IMG_0830.jpg]

Oh the excitement, I can see the box! Can you guess who is in there?
[Image: IMG_0831.jpg]

It is...

Taeyang Sebastian!!! Rawr!
[Image: IMG_0833.jpg]

I am dreaming of him since I first saw him but I never thought I'd ever own him...
[Image: IMG_0837.jpg]

First out of the box pic with awesome out of the box hair:
[Image: IMG_0841.jpg]

His hair was horribly to style but now I think he looks awesome!
Welcome with me, Jareth!!!
[Image: IMG_0867.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0868.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0876.jpg]

Jareth with his buddy Corey:
[Image: IMG_0910.jpg]

And for even more doll love, Jareth and his sweetheart Bloody Mary:
[Image: IMG_0917.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0923.jpg]

Can't wait to get the first real foto shooting with him started but these pics will have to do it for now Tongue

Huge congrats grin. He is so handsome ^^. I'm super jealous, now I need to tell my mind I don't want him.
Wow! i agree he is handsome! I can't wait to get mine in december (for xmas) lol grandma bought me one at the last second! I love her so much! <3
Awesome Sparky!!! Major congrats!!! And he is adorable!
Congratulations on your grail! c: He is indeed very handsome! My grail is a Taeyang as well. Lead. If I find him for sale he'll be expennnnnsive. xD
Ooh, he's very handsome indeed! Congratulations~
congrats! hes a very handsome dollsmile
Yay! Sebastian is one of my favorite Tae's. He's a keeper for sure.
Thank you all so much!!!

@ Buzzingbumblebee: You absolutely need him, your Eos would love him and they were such a sweet couple Heart 2

@ SavannahFaerie: Huge congrats for being able to grab one, too! We're such lucky girls, I hope it soon will be Christmas LOL

@ kaos: Thank you so much, sweetie!!!

@ Sayonara: It would be awesome if a few Leads would come back in stock so you could grab him!

@ milkytea: Thank you so much!

@ harajukupat: Oh yes, he is! All my girls are jealous now because he fell in love with Mary yay

@ captainfantastic: I will never let this boy go again, that's for sure smile
Congrats on your new boy Spark! He's definitely on my dolly wishlist; I'm obsessed with the anime series. yay
Your Mir looks better in Elisabeth's hair and eyechips than Elisabeth does. Love it! I hadn't taken a close look at her before. :3
I won't be able to resist forever. Especially if I see photos of him with the apron on ^^. Eos agrees he is super handsome!
Ooohhhhh don't make me tease you Tongue
I don't mind being teased with dolly pics ^^. I've been spending lots of time drooling over pics on flickr grin.
omg, i cant wait till i get mine, he was my no 1 grail but he slid down to 2 when i noticed the hand tattoo....... i havnt had a chance to see the anime yet so i didnt know Sweatdrop
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