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Full Version: Daylynn
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[Image: 6228401423_24852d5146_z.jpg]

Daylynn is a very mysterious girl who very much keeps to herself. She always has her hair covering her left eye like she’s hiding something. Only if your very, very close to her or get lucky will you find out. Also Loric seems to know her from somewhere but won’t say where.

Daylynn got her wig yesterday. It’s a little more yellow then I wanted but it will work. Man I didn’t notice till I looked at this photo that I noticed she lost a hand! Now it’s dark and her hand it outside somewhere. Sigh this was the best photo so I went a head and used it. I just really need to order her a new body now and quite putting it off.

I posted this on flickr last night and I found the hand today.
She's so pretty. Who is she?
glad you found her had - it would suck if she was handless from here on out ^^
Poor dolly! losing a hand is never ok! glad you were able to find it!
Thank you!
She is so cute! I love her blue eyes and the blonde hair, no need to be shy LOL