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Full Version: doll sale, Galesburg Illinois December 3
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The West Central Illinois Doll Club is having a doll sale on Saturday, December 3, all day at the Sandburg Mall in Galesburg, Illinois (located off I-74 halfway between Peoria and the Quad Cities). There will be many kinds of dolls for sale. I will be selling Barbies and some NRFB dolls from the Pullip line. If you are anywhere in the area, stop by!
NOOOOO that's two weeks before Drill sad
you temp me True... but seeing as its almost a 4 hour drive im going to have to pass sad
(11-16-2011, 01:58 PM)sceimhiuil Wrote: [ -> ]NOOOOO that's two weeks before Drill sad
That's too bad! (But let me know when you are here and we'll meet for a meal or something.)