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Full Version: Pullip owners in Northern Indiana?
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Okay, I was just wondering if there was any owners, of pullips, dal or even Blythe in the Northern part of Indiana. x3
you mean like Valpo, Portage, Chesterton and whatnot? - if so then i live in Valpo
There's quite a few of us in Chicago, too! I wouldn't mind traveling to Indiana for a meet, myself.
Well, we could pick a place, and work from there. Tongue

Well... I'm in Middlebury, IN.
wow - your almost 2 hours from me - i thought it was alot to go to Chicago for a meet
Well, if we decided to do it in warmer weather, we could pick a half way location, and have a picnic at a park or something. :3
oh that would be cute - im up for it - we can do a pot-luck type meal ^^
Awesome. <3
We'll have to plan it out when it gets warm again. <3
how about we plan something for May? - its not early spring but its also not the summer yet - and im sure we can find a nice place to meet in the middle ^^
We can see. :3
I think it will be fun. <3
I live in Michigan City! I would love to have some doll buddies nearby.