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Full Version: Bea's new hair
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I got a cheap wig off of ebay for Bea, my Tiphona, and ended up falling in love with how it looks on her. It's not perfect (I had to cut the bangs myself and I am no hairstylist), but I think she's SO cute with it on!

[Image: 6387762551_a623fb6d0c_z.jpg]
It really looks cute on her yay lucky you to find wig!
that is a cute wig and a cute dress too x
She is realy pretty in the wig, i like the collor to.
She's adorable! You've done a lovely job! smile
She looks wonderful with pink hair Heart 2
I finally feel like her personality is coming together. Not really lolita, so her stock doesn't really fit the way I see her, but rather she's sort of the sweet DIY girl who'll sit sipping tea from antique cups and knitting baby blankets for the hospital pediatric ward.

Next stop is gonna be putting her on an obitsu. grin