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Full Version: Miche and the Doctor
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I finally got them to hold still for some photos!

[Image: 6427957313_700cc09662_z.jpg]
"Come here, will you?"

[Image: 6427958493_1af41a4d73_z.jpg]
"I swear, you never stop moving!"

[Image: 6427957905_c388f810bb_z.jpg]
That's better.
i love his hairsmile
Ahhh The Doctor as a Taeyang! That is too cool!
Thank you both ^^ he is amazing, I just have to find a sonic screwdriver for him!!
They look really gorgeous, both of them!
Cute! I love The Doctor!
Those are so cute smile
Awwww Ten and his sideburns, love him! <3