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Full Version: Little ridding hood
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this is my last custom ^^
[Image: 6314655238_30d3dab8c1_z.jpg]
Valerie por Fer&Uzume, en Flickr
[Image: 6314131855_e90a58937e_z.jpg]
Valerie por Fer&Uzume, en Flickr
[Image: 6314127897_5d34c71e15_z.jpg]
Valerie por Fer&Uzume, en Flickr
[Image: 6314642850_7d63123432_z.jpg]
Valerie por Fer&Uzume, en Flickr
She looks very beautiful; I love how you've styled her hair!
Gorgeous girl with vibrant eyes. I love her hair, and that last photo is really pretty. smile
it´s so cute
She looks amazing!
She is so beautiful. The colors are so amazing, and I love her outfit.
wow soo beautiful!
Beautiful shots! I love the lighting.
absolutely beautiful !
She's lovely, was she a blanche before you customised her?
She is very beautiful!!! Great job on her!!!
She is stunning, I want her!!!
stunning photos of a stunning girl smile
Oh so elegant! smile
Gorgeous! :O
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