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Full Version: Boston Meet Up?
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I know that there's a pullip meet at Anime Boston every year but since I've stopped going to AB I was hoping some Boston collectors would be interested in a meet outside of the convention scene. I went to a couple a few years back that were pretty fun. Anyone interested?
Depending on the date I might be able to come, I think most of the more recent meets with the Boston area people have been at Animadness in Waltham.
^ I went to one there. Maybe I just need pay better attention to when the store is having events.
They're trying to set up a new doll shipment soon. I offered to do a "Beginner Pullip Workshop" for them sometime soon too (body changing, eye swapping, basic care, etc) which may or may not be part of the next meet.
I'm usually in on organizing the animadness meets. If we'd like to have another one there, I'm sure we could set something up. When would be good for people? I am not planning on an Anime Boston official meet, since it seemed like people just didn't end up coming, but I suppose since a lot of Boston area people will be there, meet or no, we might want to avoid doing it right on top of AB. But any other times people would like?
Can it be after AB, like sometime in April?
hey, so where does animadness announce meetups and stuff? they don't seem to be very active on facebook or twitter..
Animadness is actually closed. So, if anybody is interested in a Boston meet, it has to be outside the store now.

I am very interested in having one anyway (just not during the last week of august or really anytime in September.) Any ideas?
I might be interested depending on when and if I can talk Requiemart into going to it or not (I don't drive in Boston- too scary Sweatdrop ). I definitely can not attend the weekend of August 17th as that is my kid's birthday.

I can kind of vote for early October (hubby would be home by then and I would definitely be able to attend as he could drive) especially if it is going to be outdoors as it has just been brutally hot lately and I don't fancy sitting outside for a couple of hours with dolls in this heat.
October is a good time frame I think smile I totally agree about the heat. UGh.
If we do October, I'd like to request we just don't do it during NY comiccon (Oct 11-14) SweatdropHappy
To get the ball rolling, what's everyone's availability the first weekend in October?
I don't have a problem with that time, it's later in the month that I will -- AAC is October 19-21.
I'm pretty available that week. Or can be.
Any interest in this anymore??
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