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I joined a favourite 15 group on Flickr ( - join!) ages ago, & decided today was time to update the photographs I submitted, as I have several new girls, & my older girls are looking a little different now. So, here are the photo's I did of each of my girls with their favourite 15 items of clothing & jewellery smile

Erin's favourite 15

Meg's favourite 15

Kenna's favourite 15

Fenn's favourite 15

Ginny's favourite 15

Kitty's favourite 15

Polly's favourite 15

Freya's favourite 15

Raven's favourite 15

I took some piccies of my girls this afternoon, then my camera batteries ran out :p So I'll post the ones I did once it's charged, & try & get the rest of my girls photographed asap. For now, enjoy! smile
I love your girls, so interesting x
Oh, this is very interesting!
Lol, thanks both! smile
Your girls look amazing!!!
Thank you smile
I just love how all your girls have such distinct styles!
^Thanks! smile I often wonder if I should just have them all very similarly styled, save on clothes buying, & the amount of stuff I have to store for them :s But I can't bring myself to do it.
I love Kenna. Did you make her wig yourself? If so, is there a tutorial you could link to? I've never thought a yarn wig could look that neat. I also love the dress she's wearing. I've looked at it before, but didn't think it would work for any of my girls, but it looks great on her. Meg also makes me want to make rainbow suspenders yay
Lilcurly, your girls are all so pretty, and very unique! And I've been scoping out the stores here for any LIV outfits, but as I've feared, there isn't any inventory because everything got bought out for the holidays.
awww it's SO good to see your family ! grin Heart 2 But wait -- Erin has pink hair??!! *thud* I'm surprised but it looks so very good on her (that is the pink I can like sometimes, very pale). My friend Meg looks awesome, Kenna is a collection of my favourite colours, Fenn is paisley perfect, etc etc.
I have never seen anyone's family as strongly defined by their hair, clothes and colours as yours. You really have a wonderful eye for making their personalities realistic in all ways smile
ByronicHeroine, the wig was made by Darkviolet as a commision smile She's on this forum. I actually bought 2 of those dresses :p lol, cuz I love it so much!

Kirakira, it's ok, no hurry smile everything here's been ransacked too :p

Miss Edith, Thank you smile It's lovely to hear someone appreciate my dolls so much smile Erin's wig was a bit of a fluke! Her old wig got all tangly, I didn't like the new one I bought for her, so I ended up sticking that one on her just so she wasn't bald....& now I really like it, lol. I have ordered her another black curly wig, but she may end up staying in the fur wig. a happy accident smile Meg's had her face completely re-done! She looks rather different. I actually need to do a little more to it as her eyeliner isn't thick enough, & I might do her freckles darker...but yeh, just a heads up, she's looking rather different.
Great styles! Ginny has amazing favourites. smile

I totally forgot about that group, I`m a member too. I`ll have to take few pictures.
awesome - if i did this it would have to be my favourite 15 outfits on a doll - once i find the outfit i like i keep my dolls in it - i know of 2 im going to change for a few months (pic-pic and photo shoot) but other then that they stay as is
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