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Full Version: bait heads / dolls
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im a little unclear on the prices people are asking for bait heads with light damage, is there a way to calculate it based on damage or on age/rarity of the doll in near mint condition, so many people are asking for us to make an offer and i just have no idea sad i bought a dal from another site second hand and after all the negotiations it ended up being only about $20 under new, she wasnt really baity but i just dont want to get burned on something that isnt worth as much as i am paying.

btw i was really keen on the dal and hadnt seen it for ages, but it was still available new.

any advice would be appreciated.

For totally blank heads I usually pay around $50.

I paid $60 for my baity Panda (shiny marks), $45 for a bait LRRH (shiny marks) and $50 for a bait Oren (blush sanded) and I know they usually go for quite a bit more if they're in better condition since they are rare/older. I've seen newer heads in similar condition up for ~$50 as well so I think anywhere in that range is typical?

I think if you got the Dal with all her stock included and the damage isn't too bad, $20 less is probably okay! I hope that's the kind of info you're looking for. ^^;
Personally, I would never pay more than $50 -- $55 for a bait doll...but that's just me, and I'm (very) fussy. blush
my dal had no stock, no wig and a loose shoulder but i was totally new to it and have since seen her stock for $30, she made her money back and profited, if she sold the wig then she made more. im not saying there is anything wrong with that but she took advantage of a first buyer. i dont want to say the doll on here, incase she is a member.

saying that, since then i have bought another second hand Dal, About $30 below new with full stock, i was smart... i bought from here.

but back to the point. if someone was selling a head, with a botched face up. nothing unreversable for $60 - $70 is that a rip off? or to be expected?
I sold a bait Taeyang head (Rayne) complete with working eyemech but blank faceup (sanded) for $30 just a few months ago. I made sure to tell the buyer exactly what she was getting, as well. yay

I think it's a reasonable price. $50-$60 is too much because that's how much I would charge for (and also pay for) a whole nude Taeyang with slight imperfections. yay
In my experience, eyemechs alone sell for around $20-$25, baits are also very much in demand (who doesn't want one to customize?) so in all honestly I would expect to pay about $50 for one with no severe structural damage or about $40 for just the head.

Sometimes it actually works out cheaper to buy a slightly older pullip or dal with desirable stock and sell the stock for example Jolie, she is $72 at PS if you split her 60/40 the dal would only end up costing you like $45 and you could possibly sell the wig/eye chips too to recoup some of the cost.
Any suggestion for a Nahh ato head with no make up and no eyechips?
I usually pay about $45-$50 shipping in for bait dolls, heads only I usually pay closer to $40. smile
I'd say it would depend on the condition. The baits I've bought were so messed-up that I've had to spray-paint them both. :S (I really wish Krylon made a peachy color of spray paint. I like Nadia, but one can only do so many geisha- and white is the only other vaguely-humanish color I've found in their Fusion paints. ;_wink Then again, both heads + a bunch of other stuff came in a lot for only about $40 or $50 USD, so I'm not really a loser here. ^^;

For a GOOOOOD bait head, with a working eyemech and no scratches... I'd personally shell out about $40 USD. But that's just me. (Anything over that, and I think of just buying a faceplate on YJA or splitting a doll...)