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Full Version: San Francisco Bay Area meet: February 18 - SF Japantown - COMPLETE - pics added
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Hello ~

We are planning a Valentine's themed San Francisco Pullip Meet on Saturday, February 18, 2012. We hope you can make it! Meet and connect with other Bay Area Pullip fans in San Francisco's Japantown! Take pictures, have lunch, maybe pick up some pastries near by, chat and make new pullip friends! Heart 2

Heart 2 When: Saturday, February 18, 2012; 11:30-3:30PM (or longer!)
Heart 2 Where: San Francisco Japan Center
Heart 2 What to Bring: You and your dollies!
Heart 2 Events: Dress your boys & girls in the theme! Optional of course, not required.


Heart 2 Where To Meet: Please meet us at the Miyako Mall, upstairs near Ichiban Kan. I will try to be there early to meet and greet everyone. ***MAP*** I'll try to set up near the benches outside of Ichiban Kan and set out a pullip. wink

Heart 2 How to Get There

Directions from Official Website: click here.

The best way to get there via public transportation is probably through BART. Exit the Montgomery Street or Powell Street Exit and take the No. 38 bus and take the Laguna exit. You can plan your trip through the convenient trip planner. wink

Heart 2 What's Planned
We'll probably have introductions so we can meet each other and our girls & boys, get a bite to eat, then we can scout the area for some photo opportunities! <3 There's plenty of shops to get re-ment, stationary and cute plushies too. Any suggestions welcomed!

Feel free to PM me if you have questions or need directions!

Hope to see you there!
Sounds perfect and fun!! You can count me in =)
Woo-woo! Can't wait to see you all again, it's been too long!
Great. I will be bringing Papin, Greggia, Shinku, Pollon and ACR. I think those are the girls I haven't brought out yet to any meets. ^^;
Just a reminder that the meet is this Saturday. It may rain on Saturday so plan accordingly. ^^; We'll probably stay mostly indoors anyway. Also note that Animation on Display (2 day convention) is also happening this weekend in near by in Hotel Kabuki, so it might get crowded.
Hi Vanie:

Thanks for the update. Yep, we may have some showers; that actually may keep the "crowds" away? Cannot wait to see you all and your babies <3 Happy Valentines to all <3 <3 <3
Thanks Vanie!

Hope you both had a wonderful Valentine's Day, and see you soon! (I still need to figure out who I'm going to bring, it's so hard to choose!)
Yep, me too. Too many sweeties want to go!
IT was great seeing everyone and their lovely pullips/byuls! It was fun to eat and shop with yall, and see all the cosplayers. Thanks for organizing it, Vanie.
Nice to see you all again and to meet Windfae. I'm kinda bummed my photos didn't turn out as nice as I had hoped, but I've posted some of the ones that came out OK on my flickr:

Thanks for a great afternoon ladies, let's do it again soon!

Pullip Meet - Japantown

Angelic Pretty Cosplay

It was wonderful to see everyone and meet some new dollies - especially the twin Byuls <3 There was a AOD (Anime Cosplay) SF 2012 event there in Japantown at the same time; so it was a surprise addition to our event!
Here are some photos:

[Image: PulllipMeetSpring2012027.jpg]

[Image: PulllipMeetSpring2012024.jpg]

[Image: PulllipMeetSpring2012012.jpg]

[Image: PulllipMeetSpring2012031.jpg]

Enjoyed this wonderful Saturday afternoon with lovely Pullip dolly buddies; their girls and boy and a pleasure to meet Windfae <3 lovely weather too!

Thank you to everyone that came.

We will be having another meet during this summer in the East Bay; details to come later. If you have any inquiries, ideas or comments about this meet or others that we are planning; please feel free to PM me.

Thanks everyone for attending! It was great seeing you all again, and to meet you, windfae! Thanks for posting pics! <3