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Full Version: New arrival(pullip Nahh-ato)
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My newest family member came this week.
I made some pictures .
I kinda like the stock more then I thought but she will still get a other face-up, wig ect. soon.

[Image: 6743352997_b48732b4f2.jpg]
[Image: 6744157605_ea0b2f5a6a.jpg]
[Image: 6744282449_3823e9eb67.jpg]
[Image: 6744302077_4e6f36343b.jpg]

Hope you like her^^
she is really lovely - congrats on bringing that lovely girl home x
I love her tan skintone. She has pretty eyechips, but I'm looking forward to seeing her with all the changes you will make to her. smile
I really like dollies with darker skintones! I really would love to see her after some changes.
Congrats on your dolly! She's pretty even in stock smile
Congrats on your new dolly!
She looks quite happy to have a new mommy!